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Adder SmartView XPro

Adder SmartView XPRO

SV2X4, SV2X8, SV4X16

KVM switching for up to 4 users with integrated extenders for local and remote control

Multiple users simultaneously control banks of computers from local or remote locations

The SmartView XPro is engineered for multiple users in server rooms and high density PC environments. A robust and reliable solution, the SmartView XPro with integrated extenders is engineered to allow users to control connected computers remotely from a clean environment. Adder's advanced on screen display system offers multiple user support, channel selection and password protection features.

Adder SmartView xPro features


8 and 4 Port - All metal case (WxDxH) 482x205x45 mm
16 Port - All metal case (WxDxH) 482x205x90 mm
Power - 5V DC, 2A.
EMC - 89/336/EEC CE marked.
LVD - 73/23/EEC.

Rack options

RMK1 19” 1U rack mount kit included with SV2X4 and SV2X8
RMK2 19” 2U rack mount kit included with SV4X16


X-KVM/R X-Series AdderLink KVM receiver for use with XPro built in transmitter allowing user to control switch from up to 200m

ALSRX AdderLink Silver KVM receiver unit for use with XPro built in transmitter allowing user to control switch from up to 200m. Includes built in KVM switch to allow user to switch KVM control from desktop PC to remote Xpro.

Upgrade cable

CAB-9M/9F-2M PC to AdderView Matrix MP upgrade cable

CPU to SmartView XPro cables
VKKVM-0.5M 0.5m "3-in-1" cable for PS/2
VKVM-1M 1m "3-in-1" cable for PS/2
VKVM-2M 2m "3-in-1" cable for PS/2
VKVM-5M 5m "3-in-1" cable for PS/2
VKVM-10M 10m "3-in-1" cable for PS/2
CCUSB 2m “3-in-1” cable for USB
CCUSB-5M 5m “3-in-1” cable for USB
CCUSB-10M 10m “3-in-1” cable for USB
CCSUN 2m “3-in-1” cable for SUN
CCSUN-5M 5m “3-in-1” cable for SUN
CCSUN-10M 10m “3-in-1” cable for USB

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