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AdderView MP is a range of flash upgradeable Multi-Platform KVMA (Keyboard, Video monitor, Mouse, Audio) switches. These switches support PC, Sun and USB signalling and automatically convert between the different platforms. They also fully support stereo speakers and microphone connections for multimedia applications. Specially designed all-in-one cabling ensures a very neat installation and maximum convenience. SP models support PC and Sun platforms; SPU models support PC, Sun, Mac and USB-enabled computers.

AdderView MP intelligently handles the conversions between various hardware standards so that you can use the single keyboard and mouse of your choice to control a diverse mixture of computers. Channel selection is via the front panel, keyboard hotkey, mouse or optional remote control unit. With screen resolutions up to 1900 x 1440, flash upgradeable firmware, audio support and password protection the AdderView MP offers outstanding features and flexibility along with excellent value

AdderView MP features

Model Specification

AV4-MP-SP AdderView Multi Platform 4 port CPU switch with Sun and PS/2 keyboard/mouse and audio support
AV4-MP-SPU AdderView Multi Platform 4 port CPU switch with Sun, PS/2 and USB keyboard/mouse and audio support


4 x D25 Female connectors for connection of Adder Bonded Multi platform cables. 1x 8 pin mini DIN Female for connection of Sun Microsystems keyboard. 2 x 6 pin mini DIN Female for connection of PS/2 style keyboard and mouse. 1x 3.5mm stereo jack socket for connection to PC speakers. 1x 3.5mm jack socket for connection of microphone. 1x D15 Female for connection of optional remote controller and flash upgrade cable.

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